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                          THEMA: Aw: FAQ - Tipps und Tricks
                          MichaW (Admin)
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                          Nilski98 schrieb:
                          Einmal Neuinstallation gemacht und den allgemeinen Fehler erwischt, also bitte einmal aus der Lobby löschen, meinen Onlinekey brauch ich nicht zugeschickt bekommen.


                          Glück auf!
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                          FAQ Translated vor 1 Monat  
                          Frequently asked questions from the forum

                          Donation and activation form HERE:

                          Create trace file:

                          Right-click on gtl.exe and enter the following
                          "e:\spiele\GTL\GTL.exe" -trace=100

                          AROUND THE COMMUNITY

                          Although the topic has already been covered in the forum, I can't find it using the forum search. What is the best way to search?
                          Don't use the forum search, but the search function for the whole site - at the top right. You will get more results here. And after you have entered your terms and pressed enter, you can choose from several options - e.g. search for an 'exact phrase' such as "Ford only". You can also search for 'any word' (all pages containing one of the words) or 'all words' (all pages containing both words).

                          Do I have to register in the lobby with the same data as on the Altbierbude or in the forum?
                          The booth and the forum have nothing to do with the lobby. You can therefore use completely different data. However, it is recommended that you use the same name for the forum and the lobby - preferably also the driver - to avoid confusion, misunderstandings etc.

                          I missed the CBS with GTL. Can I reorder them?
                          Unfortunately it is sold out.

                          I have Windows 7 - I have heard that the DVD version does not work under Windows 7.
                          Yes and no - the copy protection does not work under Windows 7 and prevents GTL from starting. However, with the help of a NoDVD patch it still works.
                          The Altbierbude also has a solution for this - the autoupdater does it all automatically - see installation. If you want to do it manually, you have to get the patch on the Internet

                          Where and how can/should I buy GTL?
                          The DVD version is sold by various providers.
                          Gamesload offers it for download. Both contain the copy protection Starforce for which there is apparently now also an update for Windows 7. Thanks to our ingenious autoupdater, this is not a problem and can be used for the pad.
                          Raceroom from Simbin now also offers a digital version for download - at the moment we have no experience with this version and the Bude.

                          I have installed GTL - where can I find the instructions on how to set up or change the game correctly? Is there another link?
                          Don't worry, just let the autoupdater run - you don't need to change the settings manually.

                          I have Windows 7, the DVD, Autoupdater and Python etc. - How do I install all this now?
                          1. install the DVD - Important! Do not start the game now.
                          2. install update V.
                          3. install Python, Wxpython and the Autoupdater one after the other
                          4. run the GTL patch in the Autoupdater under Tweaks - takes a while, as approx. 170 MB have to be downloaded.
                          5. let Autoupdater run - and:
                          be patient - the installation currently has approx. 15 GB, which the Autoupdater has to download first.
                          6. when the Autoupdater is finished, activate all vehicles under Tweaks (create TG2001.DYN) and set the vehicle prices to 1 (not 0)
                          7. start GTL, create a new profile and off you go.

                          When I go into multiplayer mode, no matter which car I choose, I always have the ford gt 40 in gulf design.
                          My brother had the same problem, that no matter which car he chose, he always got the mini.
                          It looks like the problem was that he used the DVD key to register online and not the online key. After we replaced the DVD key in the registry with the online key (key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432NODE -> 10TacleStudios -> GTL -> KEYS) (specification for Windows7 64bit) and created a new online account, it worked.

                          Where can I find the online key?
                          The online key can be found on the back of the user manual if you have the old DVD version, if you have the Computerbild games version you can request it on the following website: LINK

                          How do I change my account in the lobby - log ingame?
                          You have to delete the account and create a new one. To do this, enter your old driver name when logging in and enter DELETE_ACCOUNT as the e-mail address. After the error message the account is deleted and you can create a new one.

                          I downloaded a track and the Porsche 935 earlier. The track is running and the Porsche is also displayed and can be purchased, but I can't race with it. Is it perhaps because it is not specified for any class?
                          As already indicated here, all vehicles are optimized for use on the pad. To ensure that the large number of different vehicles can still be administered properly both online and offline, the class division has also been adapted.
                          You can find the class division in the latest helpers. However, the class division only takes effect if you follow the conversion measure on the homepage or, in the meantime, the Autoupdater takes care of this completely. This is definitely recommended if you are not yet using an open GTL version.
                          Download the Autoupdater and let it do its work, then everything should work.

                          I have now completed the downloads and every time I want to connect to a server it says "You have been kicked" -.- what should I do now?
                          If you are constantly being kicked from the servers, it is probably because you are trying to connect to the server with a car that is not authorized.
                          If this is the case, I conclude that you are using the (still) encrypted DVD version and are being shown the wrong vehicle selection. You can find out how to do this further up in this FAQ under Installation.
                          To check whether you have done everything correctly, you can only see the authorized cars in the vehicle selection and when you drive onto the track, you should not usually get a message of a GDB deviation at the top of the chat.

                          I found two Excel sheets under the "latest helpers" category that were really nicely done and presented cars and routes. I also found categories that have nothing in common with the beer stalls. But what if I download and install things from nogripracing? Will this work with my "Altbierbude-optimized" game? Can I just keep on installing as long as I have at least the tracks and cars from ABB? Or will that cause problems?
                          In short: Yes, there are problems.
                          Please use a separate GTL installation for all the nice things that are available in the vastness of the Internet.

                          What is the easiest way to create a 2nd separate GTL installation?
                          Very simple - copy. It is really sufficient to copy an existing installation to another folder or drive and start the GTL.exe in this folder. If you create a shortcut to this file on the desktop, this will make it easier to start.

                          Which ports do I have to enable for the autoupdater in the router?
                          The following ports must be enabled for Peer2Peer use of the Autoupdater in the router: TCP 8435, 8436 and 8437. If you do not know how this works with your router, you may find what you are looking for here:

                          The following error message always appears when logging in: General error.
                          I went to register instead of logging in, entered my details and email - then I got the error message: invalid serial number.
                          I then went back to multiplayer and had to enter my serial number - after that, logging in worked again.

                          I can't get into the lobby. But since I am already registered, the "User already exists" error message appears. What do I have to do?
                          Enter your user name where you register your online profile and enter DELETE_ACCOUNT as the email address. You will get an error message and the account is gone. Then you can register again.

                          After joining the event, I can switch to the chat window and post my comments, but in the race itself I also saw the comments ala "Sorry" "Thx" etc. at the top, but I can't write while driving (chat = C key). Is there a trick to store corresponding phrases in advance so that you only have to press a key to be defined?
                          You can assign "quick-chat-buttons" in the keyboard layout (Options --- Controls --- Extras --- Scroll down). The corresponding text must be changed in /GTL/UserData/$yourname/$yourname.PLR using a text editor.

                          I drove in the "Cockpit" view (as generally recommended), and achieved approx. 25-30fps! It ran smoothly, but in the "External" view I achieved over 50fps, which I liked better! Unfortunately I can't see who is coming from behind!
                          Is there a "virtual" rear view mirror that I can also show in "external" view?
                          There is a virtual rear-view mirror in Options --- Advanced, but I've never tried it. Because of the frame rates, I would set DirectX to 8 in the GTL configurator (i.e. outside the game) just for fun. Possibly switch off the "detailed wheels" in the game (Options/Advanced), then it should work with the framerate. Do *not* turn down track details - otherwise braking points will be missing.
                          That's not true.
                          I also have the track details on low and can see everything.
                          What's wrong with the track details is, for example, that the video screens that can be seen on some tracks are off or no longer there.
                          This brings the most frames.
                          If you also hold the "Ctrl" key when adjusting the seat, you can move the seat a whole corner further forwards and backwards.
                          But steering wheel out, animated spectators off, tree movement off, simple track textures on and vertex damage off gives a lot more frames
                          ..the biggest frame eaters (in my opinion) are the shadows and the animated guys on the track....
                          To get rid of the animated guys you can simply delete the respective file".ani". This will not result in any GDB deviations on the game servers...

                          Although I have moved my "seat" all the way back-down in the "Onboard" view, I can't see all the displays in the cockpit! Especially in the Mustang I didn't see the fuel gauge! Is there any way to hide the "virtual steering wheel"?
                          the steering wheel can be switched off under Options --- Advanced...

                          In the cockpit I can only see the left wing mirror, and about 2/3 of the interior mirror! That's why I can't see who is trying to pass me on the right! Is there any way to show the right mirror?
                          Under Options --- Controls you can set "Look left/right" to a button, then you can also see the outside mirror. Otherwise, drive by ear...

                          When entering the server, only one of the routes can be selected to join. B8man gave me the tip to click on the chat button and select the next event! Where is it indicated which is the next track on the server?
                          And do I really have to wait until the track is loaded before I can access the next track again via "Chat" and "Next event"?
                          With 16 tracks (I tried it out), I need about 15 minutes to get to "the" track I actually wanted?!?!! Is there a "shortcut"?
                          You can suggest it and the other players have to accept. There's no way around it... But this way you can at least see all the routes - and there are some really tasty ones...

                          No matter which settings I select under "Options", I can no longer see the "Virtual Mirror" in the "External" view!
                          the virtual rear view mirror is not possible in the external view.
                          It only works in the cockpit, hood and bumper view.

                          I sometimes have very high ping times and lags, sometimes the picture even freezes or the opponents disappear completely. My operating system is Windows 7.
                          This is a known problem with Windows 7. There are various instructions on the Internet for improving ping and latency for games, but they do not provide a clear remedy. One seems to work, the other does not.
                          If there is no other way, the only thing that helps is to run GTL under Windows XP (possibly also Vista), where these problems do not occur.

                          Why is it possible to kick with 0 votes?
                          It is possible - it is a program error. Only humans work at SimBin.

                          Although I have just updated with the autoupdater, I get an error message with my name and a gdb mismatch. Is this an error?
                          About the deviation messages:
                          Example: B8man: Miki SIM_GTC.gbd deviation
                          Miki has the deviation, B8man is the driver with the lowest ID on the server and reports this automatically. So B8man does not have to worry, but Miki should update urgently.

                          I always fly out in the curves - how can I change the over/under-steering of the vehicle?

                          Understeer on corner entry

                          Soften the front shock absorbers
                          Softer rear shock absorbers
                          More caster
                          Front springs softer
                          Rear springs Harder

                          Oversteer at corner entry

                          Front shock absorbers harder
                          Rear shock absorbers harder
                          Less caster
                          Front springs harder
                          Rear springs softer

                          Understeer at the apex of the curve

                          Front sway bar softer
                          Rear cross member harder
                          More negative camber

                          Oversteer at the apex of the corner

                          Front wishbone harder
                          Softer rear wishbone
                          Less negative camber

                          Understeer at corner exit

                          Front shock absorber harder
                          Rear shock absorber harder
                          Front springs harder
                          Less negative camber
                          Less caster

                          Oversteer on corner exit

                          Front shock absorber softer
                          Softer rear shock absorber
                          Softer front springs
                          More negative camber
                          More caster

                          "speed sens steering" in the advanced options/control menu/SSPS steering
                          The value should be set higher for extreme oversteer at the start of a corner - or vice versa for understeer. This also means that various cars with fine tuning of the "speed sens steering" turn from almost undriveable into great racing cars.

                          In my opinion, there are already enough guides on the subject of setup here, but what I also found very informative is the setup guide from the "Live for Speed" wiki. Grundlegende_Setup_Anleitung
                          This contains a "relatively" simple chapter "Basics" and, what I found particularly interesting, a lot of background knowledge in the extended section for technically interested people (may be too much for some).

                          When observing other drivers, gears and speed are not displayed. Can I show this somehow?
                          If you use "+" and "-" from the garage (you go onto the track but do not drive off), you can watch other drivers as in the pit menu and also see their current speed and current gear.

                          I'm on the server right now ... I'm standing there and no other car I think there were 19 can be seen...then I drove off. I think the technology played a trick on me.
                          The problem exists, nobody knows why. If you don't see anyone at the start, it's not a problem. Just press the + and - buttons on the number pad and you'll see everyone!
                          So, get to the starting grid as early as possible and see if everything is OK, if not press the buttons.
                          If this doesn't work, don't just drive along, it's best to reload the game. Otherwise you will clear all the others without seeing them.

                          How do I know who is driving in front or behind me?
                          If you press "Tab" on the track, player names and their position are displayed during the race. This makes it easier to lap or be lapped, as the name/position is also displayed when you "look back" and it is therefore immediately clear whether you have to let someone past or can take the racing line.
                          You can also assign this to a button on the steering wheel under Options/Controls.

                          BOX STOP

                          I took part in an event - I lost a lot of time in the pit stop because the crew changed all the wheels and carried out all the repairs. All I wanted to do was refuel.
                          You can navigate in the pit stop menu - the clipboard - with the arrow keys, left-right changes the values e.g. fuel quantity or selection and deselection of tire change, up and down changes from refueling to tires etc.. If you confirm with Enter, the work is carried out. If you only press Enter, everything on the clipboard is carried out.

                          I keep getting a Stop&Go penalty for driving too fast in the pit lane. On the other hand, manual stops are recommended - is there nothing I can do?
                          Something else very important in relation to manual stops:
                          Place the speed limiter on an easily accessible button and switch it on in good time..... after the stop - when driving off - switch it on again(!!!) as it is then off again - otherwise you'll very quickly get a lap of honor...

                          Can I display more information about the vehicle, position, etc.?
                          The XD tool is very helpful, which displays in-game positions, distances and some telemetry data such as tire wear, temperatures and engine condition.
                          The tool - lowHUD - from lowspeed is still in an early phase of development but can already be used:

                          Displays in the box (setup):
                          - Display of the route name
                          - Sector times for S1, S2 and S3
                          - Display of consumption (if consumption is known)
                          - Display of remaining time for training/qualification
                          - Position display
                          - Engine/tyre data

                          Displays on the track:
                          - Position graphic map
                          - Remaining time for training/qualification
                          - Best time
                          - Fuel data
                          - Speed (digital)
                          - RPM (digital)
                          - Positions
                          - Engine/tyre data
                          - Cut Warning/Stop 'n Go

                          LINK HERE

                          Is there a map-plugin for GTL, like in GTR2 or rfactor to display the track?
                          Not as a separate plugin - but lowHUD does this, see above.

                          How do I embed youtube videos?

                          Attention: always write youtube in lower case in the brackets and don't forget the slash in the second bracket.

                          tn0OOSQPXT8 is the youtube number in the address line - the part after the equal sign.

                          Edith: and since this is supposed to be a reading work, we ask you to make factual and correctly formulated comments and not to start discussions for the sake of clarity.

                          The generic term (e.g. graphics or autoupdater) can be placed first and marked in bold.

                          Topic has been marked as "Important"

                          *Translated from original post by rdjango.
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                          Thank you for the translation.
                          Good work.
                          I have linked this post in the original post by rdjango.
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