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                      Aw: Pacific Raceway (1 Leser) (1) Gast
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                      THEMA: Aw: Pacific Raceway
                      MoeZee (Benutzer)
                      Expert Boarder
                      Registriert seit
                      2009-01-25 02:50:13
                      Neuester Beitrag
                      2019-05-19 14:49:03
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                      Pacific Raceway vor 1 Monat  
                      I have this curious problem with this track since it first came out and now I need help with this.

                      I remember when Pacific Raceway and autodrome Umbro were both available on the same download through the auto updater when I was still using Window 7 ultimate.
                      So I started downloading both tracks through the updater when in the middle of the download, a freak thunderstorm hit my area and knock out the power for a couple of hours. After the power came back, the updater indicted that I only had about halfway downloaded and did I wish to continue the download. so I continue the download.
                      After these two tracks were installed, I try getting into these two track in multiplayer and single player, I would get booted to desktop. Thinking the thunderstorm did something to the updater, I try reinstalling these two tracks through the updater. same problems occur.
                      Try again and again, same boot to desktop with these tracks. So after that, I just ignore the problem and was contend not to drive these two tracks. A "oh well" attitude approach as everything else was running just fine.
                      Fast forward to today. I no longer am running under Window 7. switch over to Win 10. Did a complete fresh and new download of all tracks and cars ( I misplace my CD version and now I am on Stream)

                      was racing on multiplayer yesterday and when Pacific raceway came up, I got booted to desktop.
                      left multiplayer and try getting into this track under single player. again I got booted. Still under single player, I tried getting into Autodrome Umbro and I got in and did a few laps with no problems. I can only assume that I can get in when Umbro come around on multiplayer. Will have to wait and see.

                      To sum it up, under two operating system and a totally different download using Stream instead of my disc, Pacific raceway boots me to desktop.
                      I have never touch or tamper with the file at all remembering that the Bude does not want you to be tampering with any files. Also, I don't think there has been any update on this track since it first came out. The new installation would have covered that.
                      Right now, this is my only problem with this game and I stumped as to why this is happening.
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                      dikl (Admin)
                      Allzeit - hilfsbereit !!!
                      Registriert seit
                      2008-08-30 13:20:22
                      Neuester Beitrag
                      2019-05-19 18:29:19
                      Beiträge: 681
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                      Geschlecht: männlich Geburtstag: 1963-08-14
                      Aw: Pacific Raceway vor 1 Monat  
                      Hi Moezee,
                      please delete the Pacific Raceway Folder which you will find here: \gamedata\Locations\13_Pacific_Raceways\ and then make a manual download from here:
             option,com_remository/Itemid,26/func,fileinfo/ id,1844/lang,de/

                      and extract the download as folder gamedata\location\
                      The Name should be \13_Pacific_Raceways\

                      I hope, that is working for you.

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                      Letzte Änderung: 20.04.2019 17:13 von dikl.
                      Letztens dachte ich, ich hätte Unrecht. Aber ich habe mich geirrt...

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                      MichaW (Admin)
                      Ich vermisse unsere Gespräche Abends so sehr :-(
                      Registriert seit
                      2011-04-03 20:14:09
                      Neuester Beitrag
                      2019-05-21 11:45:09
                      Beiträge: 3260
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                      Geschlecht: männlich Ort: Marl im Pott!!! Geburtstag: 1966-00-00
                      Aw: Pacific Raceway vor 1 Monat  

                      can you please create a trace file and attach it here?
                      (GTL.exe trace=1000) And have you ever changed your graphic settings before loading the track? So e.g. from Medium to High or the DirectX from Automatic to 9?

                      Glück auf!
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                      † Ruhe in Frieden Carsten †
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