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                      THEMA: Greenwood Corvette by BYL
                      MichaW (Admin)
                      Ich vermisse unsere Gespräche Abends so sehr :-(
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                      Geschlecht: männlich Ort: Marl im Pott!!! Geburtstag: 1966-00-00
                      Greenwood Corvette by BYL vor 1 Monat  
                      Brickyard Legends Team present :
                      Chevrolet Corvette Greenwood v2.0

                      In 1974, IMSA had homologated a "widebody" version of nose, tail and doors for the Corvette and John Greenwood recognized the potential. He developed Corvettes utilizing the new "widebody" parts, a coil-over suspension system designed by Bob Riley and chassis designed by Ron Fournier. His car proved fast if not reliable, and Milt Minter won the Talladega round but the Porsche Carreras won the Championship. However, he successfully ended the season in dominating the Daytona Finale : he won the race with a 33s margin over Al Holbert and set a new GT record. For this event, he had a brand new car that was even more radical and he has been clocked at speeds over 210mph, well over the GT standards. His car was fitted with a V8 8,0L engine which could produce more than 700hp which was no match for the opposition!
                      For the 1975 season, he fielded this car fitted with a 7,0L engine supposed to be more reliable. Daytona and Sebring resulted in dnfs as the car experienced reliability problems. His talents were multiple and he also did the promotion for the next event, the hood of his car sporting a promotional ad for the "12 Hours of Sebring"and later for the "6 Hours of Riverside". His car, dubbed as the "Batmobile" for the fans, was always a crowd's favorite. But he earned poor results with a sole victory, again at the Daytona Finale with the new 1976 car.
                      In 1976, Mike Brockman ran an identical car (#69)with some good results (three 4th at Atlanta, Mid Ohio and Laguna Seca). In 1977, a new car was built and raced at a few races but the car again proved even more unreliable. At that time, John began to develop tubeframe cars for John Paul and Greg Pickett , the latter winning the Trans Am Championship. John was not to be seen on the track before 1982, and it was with a GTO Corvette entered by T and R Racing, with some success, but it was not for the overall. For 1983, a change of rules did not help John going any further with this tentative, so he cancelled his projects and concentrated more on his business.

                      - 14 physics sets are available : (CR = cross ram intake) check Greg's physics readme.txt file for more info
                      GREENWOOD_VETTE75_427.HDC - 1975 GTO cars
                      GREENWOOD_VETTE75_427CR.HDC - 1975 GTO
                      GREENWOOD_VETTE76_427CR.HDC - 1976 GTO
                      GREENWOOD_VETTE76_454CR.HDC - 1976 GTO
                      GREENWOOD_VETTE76_467CR.HDC - 1976 GTO
                      GREENWOOD_VETTE77_427CR.HDC - 1977-81 GTO
                      GREENWOOD_VETTE77_454CR.HDC - 1977-81 GTO
                      GREENWOOD_VETTE77_467CR.HDC - 1977-81 GTO
                      GREENWOOD_VETTE77_427TU.HDC - 1977 TransAm
                      GREENWOOD_VETTEGTX_427CR.HDC - 1978-81 GTX
                      GREENWOOD_VETTEGTX_350.HDC - 1978-81 GTX
                      GREENWOOD_VETTEGTX_430.HDC - 1978-81 GTX
                      GREENWOOD_VETTEGTX_494.HDC - 1978-81 GTX
                      GREENWOOD_VETTEGTX_RS.HDC - 1978-81 GTX

                      - the mod is linked to GTC-TC-76 class and the Chevrolet Corvette.

                      Credits :
                      - simbin : Chevy Corvette
                      - papag21 : 3d, mapping, file structure, skins
                      - greg7 : physics, testing
                      - kiwisteve : template, skins
                      - Ned : skins
                      - PATRICE LEBIEZ : skins
                      - rallymaster : testing
                      - jandri : sounds

                      Installation instructions:
                      - extract folder to X:/GTL/

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