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                              THEMA: Simca Rallye 1/2 Gr.1
                              MichaW (Admin)
                              Ich vermisse unsere Gespräche Abends sehr :-(
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                              2011-04-03 20:14:09
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                              Geschlecht: männlich Ort: Marl im Pott!!! Geburtstag: 1966-00-00
                              Simca Rallye 1/2 Gr.1 vor 3 Jahren, 2 Monaten  
                              Brickyard Legends Team present :
                              Simca Rallye 1,2

                              When the Simca 1000 first landed in showrooms in 1961 it was marketed as an economy car for the masses. It was small, it had the aerodynamics of a shoebox and depending on the model purchased it had an engine displacement hovering above or below 1000 cubic centimeters. In short, there was nothing sporty about it. The Renault 8 Gordini was a massive success both on the market and in competition. Simca saw an opportunity to compete against the 8 on the track and started developing a faster version of the 1000, one that would later wear the moniker 1000 Rallye.
                              The basic requirements for Simca’s Rallye were that it had to cost less than 10,000 francs, have a top speed in the vicinity of 150 kilometers per hour and cover a standing kilometer in 37 seconds. The Rallye was only available in red and had a flat black hood. Inside it had a complete instrumentation and a bucket seat for the driver; the other three seats were standard Simca 1000 seats. Front disk brakes were standard and the whole package weighed 785 kilos.
                              While the Rallye wasn’t quite the car Simca thought it would be, it provided a better-than-average starting point for the car’s next evolution. The first major improvement was found under the rear decklid: in lieu of the 1,118cc unit Simca had fitted the 1100 Special’s 60- horsepower 1,294cc. With this new engine the Rallye 1 could meet Simca’s original requirements for the Rallye: it had a top speed of about 155 km/h and logged 37 seconds even for a standing kilometer.
                              The Simca Racing Team was launched at about the same time as the Rallye 1 and followed essentially the same guidelines as the Renault Gordini Cup that died with the 8 – only Rallyes were allowed to compete and it served as a training school for new drivers who didn’t have the cash to enter the exclusive circle of professional racing.
                              The Rallye 2 didn’t replace the Rallye 1 but was built alongside of it as a more expensive and more powerful version. It was what most Simca enthusiasts call the ultimate evolution of the model. Several modifications were made to get more power out of the 1,294cc, including feeding it with two Solex carburetors. The compression ratio was bumped to 9:1 and the whole lot put out 82 hp. The Rallye 2 was good for a stunning 164km/h (100mph) in fourth gear, logging 34 seconds to cover a standing kilometer. For the first time braking was assured by four disk brakes (as opposed to front disks and rear drums) borrowed from the phased out 1200S.

                              Credits :
                              - papag21 : 3d, mapping, file structure, template, skins
                              - Nappe1 : physics
                              - jandri : sounds
                              - hkhoy : skins
                              - Ney.Dias : testing

                              Installation instructions:
                              - extract folder to Gamedata\Teams\TC-65

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                              • Dimitar Dulichki
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                                30.Jun.22 -14:32
                              • Fritzx test
                                Metro: 00:01:16.259
                                (Volvo 122S Amazon)
                                30.Jun.22 -14:02
                              • Langen
                                Le Mans 60: 00:03:20.239
                                ((LMC) Porsche 908 K)
                                30.Jun.22 -12:15
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                                Metro: 00:01:16.623
                                (Alfa Romeo Junior GTA)
                                30.Jun.22 -10:05
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                                30.Jun.22 -09:55
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                                29.Jun.22 -23:19
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                                29.Jun.22 -22:21
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                                29.Jun.22 -22:01

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