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                    Aw: Datsun 280ZX & 280ZX Turbo Release (1 Leser) (1) Gast
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                    THEMA: Aw: Datsun 280ZX & 280ZX Turbo Release
                    H1TM4N (Admin)
                    Registriert seit
                    2007-09-22 11:56:46
                    Neuester Beitrag
                    2018-05-22 00:42:53
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                    Geschlecht: männlich Ort: Nordenham
                    Datsun 280ZX & 280ZX Turbo Release vor 5 Monaten, 3 Wochen  
                    Brickyard Legends Team present :
                    Datsun 280ZX & 280ZX Turbo

                    The original Datsun Z-car sold so well that a successor was never in doubt. The Datsun 280ZX didn’t last as long - five years instead of seven - but sold relatively better. The ZX was also much more popular in Europe than the 260Z it replaced there and in Japan. It only goes to show that the public recognizes an attractive package more than the motoring press, which wasn’t nearly so enthusiastic about the second-generation design. Like the 260/280Z, the Datsun 280ZX was offered as a two-seater and 2 + 2. Japanese introduction took place in the summer of 1978. U.S. sales began the following November for the 1979 model year. The Datsun 280ZX marked Nissan’s first use of wind-tunnel testing during design development. It didn’t look any slipperier than previous Zs (quite the contrary to some eyes) but it was. It also weighed about the same despite meeting all the latest U.S. standards, though it was still a bit overweight, all things considered.
                    The 280ZX was wildly popular, being hailed as Motor Trend's Import Car of the Year for 1979 and going on to set a Z-car sales record of 86,007 units in its first year. While on the one hand it received praise for taking the Z-car to further levels of comfort and performance, many enthusiasts also lamented the further emphasis on luxury over driving fun. This would continue with the third generation of Z-car, with a clean-sheet redesign that would take the Z-car to further heights.
                    The 280ZX proved successful in various classes of racing, particularly in the US. Significant results include:
                    1979 SCCA C Production Category (Bob Sharp Racing 280ZX)
                    1979 and 1980 IMSA GTU Championship (Electramotive Datsun 280ZX)
                    1982 and 1983 IMSA GTO Championship (Electramotive Datsun 280ZX Turbo)
                    The 1983 Electramotive 280ZX Turbo produced over 700 hp (522 kW), and reached a terminal speed of 140 mph (230 km/h) in the standing quarter mile.
                    The most notable driver to be associated with the car was actor Paul Newman, who raced with the Bob Sharp Racing team. He also helped to promote the car, even by starring in a series of commercials.

                    There are 2 physics versions of the car included.
                    - DATSUN_280ZX.HDC : GTU, N/A engine
                    - DATSUN_280ZXT.HDC : GTO, Turbo engine

                    - the mod is linked to GTC-TC-76 class and the Ford Escort RS2000.

                    Credits :
                    - papag21 : 3d, mapping, file structure, template, skins
                    - greg7 : physics
                    - jandri : sounds

                    Installation instructions:
                    - extract folder to X:/GTL/


                    Habt Spass! Euer AdminTeam
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                    MichaW (Admin)
                    Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!
                    Registriert seit
                    2011-04-03 20:14:09
                    Neuester Beitrag
                    2018-05-23 17:58:52
                    Beiträge: 2774
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                    Geschlecht: männlich Ort: Marl im Pott!!! Geburtstag: 1966-00-00
                    Aw: Datsun 280ZX & 280ZX Turbo Release vor 5 Monaten, 3 Wochen  

                    hab auf dem 6er mal die Gruppe 2 gg IMSA ausgetauscht. So kann der Datsun auch mal probegefahren werden. Stell ich die Tage wieder um

                    Glück auf!
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                    i am watching YOU--> <--i am watching YOU!
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                    Steve Settanta (Benutzer)
                    Senior Boarder
                    Registriert seit
                    2015-07-08 08:02:48
                    Neuester Beitrag
                    2018-05-21 21:01:29
                    Beiträge: 71
                    Benutzer online Hier klicken, um das Profil dieses Benutzers zu sehen
                    Geschlecht: männlich Ort: Sesto San Giovanni - Milano Geburtstag: 1970-07-15
                    Aw: Datsun 280ZX & 280ZX Turbo Release vor 3 Monaten, 1 Woche  
                    Great car!!!
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                    Keep calm and wait the chequered flag...
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